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What some people are saying about our sauce...

I am writing to let you know that your hot sauce is by far the best hot sauce we have ever tried! We are huge hot sauce fanatics and will most definitely continue to buy yours! It's on the top of our to do list next time we are in BC.  Cheers!

Steph & Ash from Calgary, AB

Hi, I absolutely love your Sorta Hot hot sauce and I was wondering I could purchase it on line? I live in Edmonton and I can't find it anywhere... I regret only buying a couple bottles in Osoyoos. Thanks for any help.

I absolutely LOVE your hot sauce and am interested in carrying it in my store. We are known for our hot sauce collection and I would like to add our brand to our 'Wall of Flame'.

Thanks so much!

Carla Jorgens
Osoyoos Home Hardware

Love the sauce! Bought it just to try, had no idea it was local. Definitely my favorite hot sauce now. Stoked that we have a quality, healthy hot sauce manufacturer in Vernon. Awesome! Keep up the good work.

Brian Hammond
Coldstream, BC
Aug 2014.
Mon, 20 Jul 2015 17:24:14 -0700,
My Mom from Alberta wants more of your hot sauce and I found it at the Penticton street market but wondering if there is cheaper place to get it directly from you?
Must compliment you on keeping a family recipe going like that, a very fine sauce it is.
Thank you in advance,
Good day, My daughter spent a few weeks in Kelowna last summer and brought us back a bottle of your sauce, the "Darn Hot" one. I have been using it sparingly with various meats and it ran out only yesterday. We will be in Kelowna as well this summer and I plan on stocking up. What a great product you have developed! 
I was wondering if you ship to other provinces than BC and Alberta. We live in Ottawa. Would it be possible to ship some here? I certainly would be interested if shipping rates were reasonable.

Gilles Côté
I know we corresponded previously c. 18 mo ago. Well, family from the Okanagan came to visit me here in Oxford (UK). When they asked if I wanted anything the reply was; tow bottles of the “Darn Hot” please. 

So good I can drink it from the bottle.

Keep up the good work.



I've been looking for the perfect hot sauce and now have found it...awesome, darn hot and darn good. This sauce is my new fave!!

Whistler BC

On a trip this summer to Kelowna and Vancouver, I decided to do some grocery shopping.. as I am from the United States and E always find unique and delicious foods when traveling. I came upon your timid sauce and thought I'd buy a bottle of it. Wow, was I really surprised at how good it tastes on everything. Just the right amount of heat for
me, and it's blended well with the other flavors. I may have to return to BC and bring back some more to enjoy.

Spokane, WA.

I bought a bottle of your Timid Hot sauce as we passed through Osoyoos on our way to Christina Lake this summer. It was such a hit at the cabin that we bought a second bottle in Keremeos on our way home. I am not one to search for food and recipes on the internet but this morning I researched where to buy closer to home. I even posted a comment on Facebook. Great job developing your secret sauce!

I want to know your pricing for a case lot. I've also copied the owner of my favourite store, Hofstede's, on this email.

Tana P

We bought some of your "Darn Hot" Mum's Hot Sauce while driving through the Okanagan this summer and LOVE IT!! We'd like to buy a case. Just wondering what the price is for a case and if you ship to Vancouver. I want to give it as gifts!

We try hot sauces from all over the world, and often have ten or more bottles of various types open in our fridge. Our rule is that it has to be fabulously tasty and fiery hot before we'll become faithful consumers. Mum's Hot Sauce is spectacular!! We've tried only the hottest version so far, but it does come in more tame varieties to suit all palates and it's made right here in Vernon, BC!

Well done!
A happy customer,
- Marta M.


My brother and his wife sent us some of your delicious sauce. We got the Sorta Hot. They live in Comox and discovered it at Nautical Days. It is so very tasty and we have never tasted such a good, full flavoured sauce. I wish it was available in Edmonton and surrounding areas, because it cost them $12.50 to mail it to me. This sauce will be a favourite of ours and theirs.

Thank you.

- Mary M.
Ryley, Alberta

My Family and I are residents in SK. My sister in-law sent me a bottle of your sauce for a Xmas present, we have been using it sparingly not being able to find it here on the prairies. Is there anyway I could buy and have it shipped to me in SK from you? If you have a new supplier in Prince Albert, or Saskatoon Area that is not listed on your website that would work too.

Thanks for creating such a tasty addition to our meals.


LOVE it! It's so darn good, I swear I could eat cardboard if your sauce was on it...

This was a good day to follow my wife into the shop and browse the hot sauce section! It's not often you strike gold...


Hi there, just wanted to send a message to let you know that we love your "Darn Hot" sauce!

Kristi - Sandspit, BC

I tried the amazing hot sauce six months ago, and then was gifted with it a week ago. I am so excited, but know it will go fast. Your sauce has been a god send to someone who loves spicy, but hasn't found the right one until now!!!! I want to know if i can buy it by the case, and have it shipped? How big is a case?

Please, please, please reply!!!

Thanx, love Mums's Hot Sauce (timid hot)

- Bonnie.
Hello beautiful B.C!

I am from Edmonton, Alberta. My family and I were camping in BC this summer. We took our annual trip to Salmon Arm for some shopping. We stopped at the Windmill Meats (yup, we are Dutch!) and that is where we discovered Mum’s!!

It goes on everything!! We love it. My older boys put it on everything they eat!! Do you accept small household orders? How many bottles in a case? If you could let me know if I could order some that would be great. Thanks for your time.

- Karen
On summer vacation this year in Vernon, we bought some of your hot sauce. I'm addicted! It's the best hot sauce I've ever tasted, without exception. I even use it as a salad dressing, it's so delicious.

I took a look on your website as I'd like to buy some now we are home (North Vancouver, BC). I guess Burnaby's our closest supplier for now, but I'd love it if you had some outlets in North Vancouver or Vancouver.


- Liz
Excellent sauce, saw it on the Lakeview Market marquis and popped in. A couple of us have picked it up and are enjoying immensely.

- The Dirtman
I would like to thank you for your amazing hot sauce. I am a fan of spicy food, but not flaming hot, but have found that perfect balance in your “Timid”sauce.  My wife has never, I mean NEVER been a spicy fan at all. Your AMAZING sauce has let her expand her culinary menu (it has replaced her ketchup). To this I say. Thank you!

For-ever in my cupboard.

- Mike & Cindy
Hello. We just arrived back in Alberta with a bottle of your “Sorta Hot” and we LOVE it. Do you ever send out bottles by mail, or should I try to hunt down a supplier?

- Thx Bryan.
 I am a sauce affecianado for sure. This will be great at our Okanagan Sun tailgate parties. (Hell, it'll be good anywhere).

- The Dirtman

I'm staying in Blind Bay, BC for a while, with occasional shopping in Salmon Arm, but not in Vernon. Do you know of any stores in Salmon Arm or vicinity that carries your hot sauces. I'm addicted.

Also, is it sold anywhere in Calgary or Edmonton? Thanks.

- Greg

A friend of mine just returned form a trip to Canada and brought back a bottle of your sauce. It is the Darn Hot. It is some of the best sauce I have used. I love the flavor of your sauce. The big question is how do we buy it or can we get it here in the US? Let me know cause I would like to acquire some.

- Jim